Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Inc.
15th Fiscal Period (Ended January 31, 2024) Investor Presentation
Shinobu Sakanoshita,
President and Chief Executive Officer

This document is provided solely for informational purpose with regard to Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park <br />Inc. (MFLP-REIT) and is not intended to serve as an
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Among the information provided in this document, statements other than those pertaining to facts in the <br />past or present are forward-looking statements presented
by MFLP-REIT or Mitsui Fudosan Logistics REIT Management Co., Ltd. according to assumptions or <br />judgement based on information available on the date of this
document (the date if specified otherwise in the document). Forward-looking statements are based on <br />assumptions such as the investment policy of MFLP-REIT,
applicable laws and regulations, market environment, interest rate environment, business practice and <br />other facts as of the preparation date of this document, and
do not reflect or consider changes in situations after the preparation date. Forward-looking statements <br />include, explicit or implied, uncertainties of existing risks,
unknown risks and other factors, and may materially differ from actual performance, business results, <br />financial status and such of MFLP-REIT.
The content of this document is subject to change or repeal without prior notice. MFLP-REIT and Mitsui <br />Fudosan Logistics REIT Management Co., Ltd. are under
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