Industrial & Infrastructure Fund
Investment Corporation
Investor Presentation for the January 2024 (33rd) Period
KJR Management
President & CEO, Naoki Suzuki
KJR Management
Executive Officer, Head of Industrial Division,
Hidehiko Ueda

This material may contain information such as data on future performances, plans, management
targets and strategies. Such descriptions with regard to the future are based on current
hypotheses and assumptions about future events and trends of the business environment,
but these hypotheses and assumptions are not necessarily correct. Actual results may
significantly vary due to various factors.
This material is prepared based on the accounting policy in Japan unless otherwise noted.
This material is to be used for analyzing the financial results of IIF and is not prepared
for the purpose of soliciting the acquisition of IIF’s investment securities or the
signing of a financial instruments contract. When investing, we ask investors to invest at
their own responsibility and by making their own judgment.